Popular Nollywood Actor, Emeka Ike seems to have dropped his acting career for the work of God’s ministry.

Known for his smooth talking abilities, sense of fashion and sleekness in romantic scenes, Emeka remains one of the celebrated Knights in shinning armour of Nollywood movie industry.

After some issues rocked his marriage and career over the years, Emeka’s acting zeal began to fade due to the very little or no appearances in recent movies.

However, according to some pictures released by the ‘All For Jesus Inc.’, the actor seems to have found a new kind of love.

Emeka Ike is captured Ministering at the Ongoing National Youth Convention of Assemblies Of God Nigeria holding at Evangel Camp, Okpoto, Ebonyi state of Nigeria.

Actor Emeka Ike is captured ministering with zeal to hundreds of youth.

Source: ‘All for Jesus Inc.’