I have been monitoring alot of bad press from some online news portals, bloggers and celebrities that are all aimed at running down the character of  Tacha one of the 2019 #BBNaija housemates.

Speaking from the socialite point of view, it is quite obvious the personality Tacha put out on social media before entering the #BBNaija competition. She has atleast proven not to be fake, condescending or a sycophant because she wants to win at all cost but rather proven she can be “pepper” as expected by the organisers.

I’m very much aware most of the people especially celebrities that judge her with harsh comments and reactions are themselves not real on social media. Truth is there’s always more than what meets the eye on social media.

Again, the bitter cold truth about some Africans is that we always preach virtues but practice vice. This problem about us has eaten into our politics, religious faiths, educational system and to an extent our cultural and traditional values. We speak against everything but still think and act evil sometimes or most times.

For crying out loud, the numerous celebrities and individuals on social media bashing and trolling Tacha live worst lives than she’s ever lived in the #BBNaija house and on social media. We already know some of them because their videos and skeletons got leaked.

In a reality show themed “Pepperdem Edition”, alot of people are expecting Tacha who is keen on winning the ultimate prize to come acting like a pious Christian sister or a morality counsellor?

Meanwhile, more than half the people calling her names such  as intolerant, rude, disrespectful, over confident and evil are actually reacting towards her in same definitions. How then do their reactions and claims make them better off than her?

Let the girl be if you cannot be the best version of what you want her to be. Besides, she didn’t join the #BBNaija house because of a therapeutic reason. She came in to play and win.

Interestingly, when some of her contenders are using relatioships, sex on national television, twerking, nudity, smoking, connivance and “silent killing” manipulative strategies to stay alive in the game?

But honestly speaking, I didn’t like Tacha from the beginning on BBN! I didn’t like her affront behaviour towards other housemates! I was even thinking she was trying to mimick Ceece but with a very bad approach! I would debate people using African morals and the classical examples of a decent African Woman(stereotypes). Until, I saw Mercy twerk, smoke, drink and do all kinds of things with his Naija-Americano boyfriend! How omoshola charged at housemates angrily after his coin was stolen. How some housemates called her a witch and the fact that she came in with voodoo powers! How she showed less skin in her clothing whilst the other ladies kept stripping. How her confidence was misjudged to be arrogance and tolerance(which I shared in). Then I realised that the entire house was against one lady because she won’t take nonesense, stoop low or lose her confidence. Then I remembered God is no respecter of persons and likes to use the things we call foolish to reproof the wise! Then again, I realised this is the pepperdem edition meaning competitors must live according to the theme. Finally, I came to terms that #BBNaija is a game and controversy is a strategy to keep the stakes high in winning! That’s how I started loving Tacha! Not to talk about the fact that she’s got Ghanaian blood in her! Oya #Tacha me some moreee!

Trust me, Tacha can only be the best version of the #Pepperdem theme and that is exactly what she’s giving housemates and viewers. It is pretty obvious “Biggie” is loving her because she pulls alot of votes and gets the media writing more about the show.

Bloggers are cashing in on the name Tacha and her game tactics to trend. I think we should take out the emotional sentiments and understand the purpose of the game. You can’t force people to be or act like you.

Besides, if this game was about religious virtues, morality, African cultural etiquette and not secular, “Biggie” won’t allow housemates to twerk, smoke and use certian explicit language on live National television. Instead of crying foul, learn how the game works, set your priorities and develop yourself to deliver if challenged in reality.