Medikal and StrongmanBurner’s recent rap “beef” have caused a stir on the Ghana Rap Scenes. The two talented artistes are on the rap battle field fighting for the crown and bragging rights of “lyrical supremacy”, but how did the war start?

This Rap Beef started after Medikal won Best Rap Artiste of the Year at the #VGMAs20 and  tweeted afterwards that he saved the Ghana Rap Music from dying.

His tweet came across as very disrespectful and demeaning to many “hard knock” rappers in the Ghana Rap Music Game who have been consistent in the industry though not at the top of the music ring.

Medikal’s tweet aroused and attracted reaction from many music lovers, connoisseurs and industry players.

He has received several subliminals from most of these rap artistes who felt disrespected by his tweet including the Sarkcess Music CEO who tweeted about gratitude some hours after Medikal’s tweet.

Medikal however insists he saved the Ghana rap game by releasing a song titled #towhomitmayconcern aimed at addressing the rappers that responded to his tweet with diss songs. The AMG Beyond Kontrol rapper first jabs rappers in the industry(with punchlines like sharp daggers) and then seals his diss songs with shoutouts to some rappers. Insinuating an exemption from these artistes from the ones his diss songs are meant for.

But in every battle, there are warlords! The diss song that hit the AMG Beyond Kontrol Rapper, Medikal like an arrow of pestilence came from Sarkodie’s son StrongmanBurner. He controls the mic burners.

StrongmanBurner made it to the ‘highstreets’ of rap music through rap battles(winning rap battle reality shows) before getting signed by Sarkcess Music and then released this year after the contract ended.

StrongmanBurner fired shots at Medikal with a stern warning in his #DontTry diss song and the latter replied in same magnitude with #TheLastBurial extending the bullets to Strongman’s girlfriend and mother. It was dirty.

So far the songs trending are #DontTry and #LastBurial.

StrongmanBurner has announced his reply drops on Sunday 10am. Social Media is on fire with a countdown. Who do you think will make it out of this battle alive?

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