*…come out and vote wisely and massively…*

Dear discerning students of AUCC,
It is another time of the academic year when we exercise our franchise to elect leaders who will steer the affairs of the student body.

The electioneering process is a constitutional requirement that gives room for a peaceful transition of leadership from one student administration to another. It is the reason every individual is given equal opportunity to cast their vote.

More importantly, it is the constitutional right of every AUCC citizen to be part of the process in electing a leader. It is therefore very important not to be left out. Be the first to start the *Change* process many AUCC citizens seek.

Failing to be a part of the electioneering process would mean that you’re giving a group of individuals who believe in a certain leadership ideology to impose on you a leader who will not represent your views or resolve your concerns, that has to do with some challenges that confront you as a student. This is interesting beauty and importance of elections.

It would be a warped argument to say that the previous SRC administrations in your views did nothing beneficial so you would not vote. This would only mean you prefer your challenges, questions and concerns to remain forever unanswered.

In actually fact, this is the time for you to *effect* the *change* you have been seeking with the *power* of your *thumb*. Practically, it would take just a *single vote* to prevent a leader you do not want from becoming the President of the reputable AUCC-SRC.

Do not be swept away by politically polarized individuals are just here to nurse their future political ambitions. These are the ones who can go to extreme lengths just to get your votes and the nod for personal gratification.

They are actually the ones who force your hands with sweet words, unrealistic goals and promises. They are partisan political autopilots who in one breath represent your views and concerns, but would spit acid in your face the next moment you question where their loyalty and responsibilities lie.

After the elections, they leave you to your fate. They do not care about you or your concerns. They just need the positions to enhance their CVs for their future political ambitions. You would come to reality at a time you cannot reverse your vote. These are the main reasons you have to come and vote wisely.

AUCC is a very small community as compared to other tertiary institutions, meaning a very proactive and effective leadership can achieve alot in an academic year. This is the very reason you have to come out and vote for these individuals to achieve that goal.

Permit me to share the words of *Abraham Lincoln* with you, that reads:
“*Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.*”

Fail to vote and forever remain in your present position till another election opportunity arrives.

By: Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)
Level 400 Development Communication Student, AUCC
Award-winning Journalist and Activist
Editor at www.scoopsgh.com