divisiveness in partisan politics negatively affecting student leadership politics

Dear fellow student,
It is very important that we all acknowledge and appreciate the value of our education as tertiary students.

We are the civilised unit of society that is expected to change the bad fortunes of every community we find ourselves in. We are not pathetic examples of cluelessness.

During this time of the semester or academic calendar, many tertiary schools in Ghana are on the warm-up, to go to the polls to elect student leaders who will stir the affairs of the student administration.

Unfortunately, it is at this time that aggressive partisan politics rise in many quarters, creating divisiveness and unnecessary political pressure and tension.

It is a time, that some students with polarized  partisan political beliefs and ideologies begin to wallow in mediocrity. The same become agents of discord, aggression, intolerance and lawlessness just to score political points in the sight of their paymasters.

They push students to misbehave and cause riots during student elections just to nurse their future political ambitions. Stay away from such selfish individuals. They will just use you to satisfy their selfish political desires.

We are not barbaric individuals with no sense of respect for others thus we ought to exhibit our values, disciplines and experiences in a way that would project tolerance and maturity .

We are a network of brilliant and innovative individuals with priceless ideas that if harnessed together can bring about an important change to the community of tertiary institutions and also affect the development of mother Ghana.

For crying out loud, this is an election to elect one of our own to take up offices to serve our interests in the institution. Let us not assassinate one another’s character just because we do not agree with their leadership policies. Tolerance is the hallmark of the game.

Let’s not end up becoming enemies after this elections. It is needless to bite one another over an exercise that will end in just some few days. This is a contest for leadership positions that will serve the interests of all students. Why the aggression and mudslinging.

Let’s not forget there is life after tertiary education. Let’s not make enemies over a simple voting process. The enemy is not the contending candidates neither is the Elections a challenge.

The real battle is how these candidates are going to work in harmony to make life of tertiary students better. Let us therefore respect one another. Stop putting up write-ups and comments that is aimed at destroying the candidature of anyone.

The verbal attacks and fights over here are needless. One would end up making needless enemies that can cause him/her greatly in the future. Be mindful and cautious what you do and say about candidates and your colleagues. You can disagree in a respectful and civil way without unnecessary name-calling.

We are not at war. We just seek a common goal which is the welfare of all students. It is supposed to be a banter of ideas and not mudslinging or tug of war. After all, the discerning tertiary students are watching and would make an informed decision on who to vote for. Thank you.

By: Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)
Level 400 Development Communication Student, AUCC
National Students Awards, Award-winning Journalist(2017) and Activist(2018)
Editor at www.scoopsgh.com

Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)