“banter of ideas, not a tug of War”

I believe in the spirit of competition and positive intellectual discourse. It is something we all ought to appreciate as students of the 21st century.

True and positive competition is a tool that opens a door of opportunities in solving major developmental challenges that confront us. Let us embrace divergent views from our opponents to help us fine-tune our strategies.

This is purely the reason the game of *football* allows two teams made up of many skillful *players* to prove to their spectators that they have the best strategies to score and lift a trophy. Though, both teams battle on the field of play, they do not become enemies for the sake of a trophy.

It is not always negative to have opposing views on a subject matter that bother on leadership and the development of a specific discourse community, especially when it has to do with solving an issue that affects the larger populace.

Recently, I have been engaging some students and aspirants concerning the upcoming AUCC-SRC Elections and the reaction from a majority is not quite pleasant. Let us develop a sense of tolerance and respect for one another’s views.

An election is not *war*, neither is it a reason for you to show disrespect, hate and rage towards your colleagues. No matter the team or camp one may represent, let us look at the bigger picture, which is the welfare of students in AUCC.

Sometimes a lot of factors(*especially partisan politics*) cloud our judgment and prevents us from seeing the true potential in an aspirant who has what it takes to solve our issues. Let us be very cautious about what informs our decision in choosing a leader.

I would like to say that not all football players that wear Jerseys number *7* or *10* in any team has what it takes to deliver on their mandate like *Cristiano Ronaldo* or *Messi* in a game of football. At some instances, players on their(Cristiano Ronaldo & Messi) teams play woefully, making it very difficult for them to achieve their set goals.

Therefore, do not be driven by any militating force, group, partisan political colour or team to see an aspirant whose goal is to serve your interest as an enemy. It is needless in student politics. In the end, the same individual could be a part of an administrative body whose mandate is to do your bidding or work for you.

Let us engage one another during these times in a civil manner that puts the *welfare* of students upfront. Let us *avoid divisiveness*. Student Politics is not a *tug of war*, but a *banter of ideas*.

By: Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)
Level 400 Development Communication Student, AUCC
Award-winning Journalist and Activist
Editor at www.scoopsgh.com