“Clear the distractions in your minds view to take an informed decision”

In my first year in AUCC, I did a lot of write-ups concerning student issues, but that made me many enemies. I therefore resolved not to write again but make a move to find answers to my numerous questions.

Unfortunately, most of my questions remain unanswered till date. Once again, it is the turn of new entrants to take a crucial decision I took some years ago. I can’t help it, but to pick up my pen once again.

I write to call your attention as discerning AUCC students to some important pointers that bother on the upcoming elections.

Many are the campaign strategies you will witness from aspirants going for various positions in the upcoming elections. It is mostly unassuming the length some aspirants will go just to win your votes. Please don’t be surprised, because it is part of the political campaigns. What matters most is the aftermath.

Dear fellow AUCC citizen, before you decide on who to vote for, wear your lens of objectivity and performance assessment. You don’t need just a leader with money and fame or partisan political support. You need a leader who can negotiate your problems and transform them into benefits throughout the academic year.

I want to remind you that a great leader is one who is better than his campaign strategy and promises. He is one whose rhetorics match his actions. He is not just an aspirant with a campaign message but a candidate who is results-oriented, mature, confident, charismatic and levelheaded.

Don’t be lured by pleasantries from some cohorts, groups or cliques who buy your conscience with partisan politics. You’ll end up choosing a wrong candidate – who will be ineffective like a toothless bulldog protecting a house full of gold and diamonds.

Reason is; not all well-packaged products are durable for the services they are advertised or promoted for. If packaging is all it takes, ask yourself why cornflakes is not more popular than our local gari (cassava flakes)???

After some days, all aspirants will go through the vetting process to prove their worthiness after which legitimate campaigning would begin.

It would be a moment of fierce competition for supremacy and votes. Communiques would fly from all angles either recommending a candidate or destroying their reputation. I call it the propaganda moment; that is not what will solve your problems as a student. It is nothing close to the issues at hand.

The power to make a productive change for yourself(your stay in AUCC) lies in your own hands. The time to exercise that power is during the elections. If you fail to do so, get ready to endure the troubles that come afterwards.

Trust me, you decide your own fate with your thumb. If your choice of a leader wins the elections, remember you took that decision all by yourself. Whatever happens afterwards is what you bargained for and must deal with it. You won’t get a second chance at it. So, choose wisely.

By: Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)
Award-winning student journalist and activist