Culinary Tourism refers to trips in which popular local cuisine arouses the interests of Tourists. Most tourists experience the diverse culture of people through their authentic local cuisine.

Food Tourism or Culinary Tourism is the new global trend that is steadily increasing public interests in food.

This in turn generates a lot of foreign exchange for the host country whilst the Tourist experiences priceless services.

However, in most cases Tourists do not only taste or experience one local cuisine but tries as many as they could reach provided it is worth the try.

Kenkey Festival is one of such events that gives Tourists the opportunity to experience the ‘Ga’ culture. Kenkey known in ‘Ga’ dialect as ‘Komi’ is a very mouth watering dish that goes with hot pepper and fish.

The Ga Traditional People pride themselves with the dish due to its taste, nutritional values and ability to ‘quench’ hunger.

It is a student companion and has many interesting nicknames that varies from one society to the other. It is a dish that encourages unity during youthful social events.

At the 2019 edition of the KenKeyFestival, people from all walks of life gathered at the ‘Mantse Agbonaa’ Park in James Town Accra to enjoy the delicacy.

Many patrons at the event were captured sitting in groups with family and friends enjoying the delicacy. There were several vendors who prepared different kinds of sauces and desserts.

The event recorded over four hundred patrons who came just to enjoy Kenkey. captured activities such as musical chairs, Live band music, battle of the sexes(in music) and fun loving games.

It was a day full of fun and excitement that attracted people from all walks of life and cultures just to have an experience through the popular ‘Kenkey’ cuisine.

Clearly, the 2019 edition is an upgrade as compared to the previous year. The initiative if encouraged and invested in, would go a long way to increase foreign exchange and globalize local dishes.

Watch some sights and sounds captured at the event below: