It looks like for now, King Sark should stop recording his own tracks and feature young acts because almost every up and coming artiste has the dream of having him on their records.

Well, I think that’s what you get when you’re branded as The Highest, “Rap mu El Chapo”.
The name of Africa’s most awarded musician was the constant theme on popular online interview session on twitter, #Get2KnowWithKobbyKyei on Thursday night.
The host Kobby Kyei in a surprise to his followers decided to move away from the usual one-on-one interview to an unusual one-on-four interview on Thursday night as he decided to use his space to serve as a mileage for four up and coming acts.
And it was an interesting show as these young acts, @TyCuunMaaye, @RichyRymz, @DaRealFrd and @Eckow_Hunter all answered questions from both the host and fans alike about their music and their craft.
As if in a well rehearsed manner, these music industry newbies all pointed to Sarkodie as being a great inspiration to their careers so far and that they would love to have him on their songs be it this year or in the nearest possible future.
Remember this is not beyond the King as we’ve seen him do this before by shining lights on young acts. We saw that in his song “Trumpet” and just last year, he featured ten (10) new acts in his “Biibi Ba” record.
The night also featured a surprise as host, and CEO of, Kobby Kyei, announced that from this Thursday, he’ll be introducing a new project dubbed #UpAndComingThursday where he gets to use his Noble platform to shine some light on these up and coming artistes.
So @sarkodie, what else? Obidiponbidi, when are you featuring these guys? Let us know.
By: Kobby Kyei(KobbyKweiNews)