Gabriel Mencoln Kembo is an all-round ingenious African artist that hails from Kinshasa in Congo.

Known popularly as ‘Kembo’, his work as a professional artiste began at the age of 21 years. He has been working for the past 15 years producing masterpieces.

Kembo is the son of Congolese fine artists, was victimized and forced into exile by President Kabila’s regime due to his free expression views.

He is one of Africa’s talented artists with more than 3 disciplines. Kembo plays 7 different musical instruments, doubles as a Musician and an actor who produces short films and documentaries.

Kembo is also into fine art, sculpture and furniture. He commands a lot of following with his masterpieces and have trained several youth in various fields of art.

According to Kembo, he gives the same level of focus and dedication to all art forms in order to create outstanding master pieces.

Kembo also revealed to, he has dedicated his life to activism because his art masterpieces stands for freedom. The Congolese Celebrated artiste has embarked on several political activism projects through his songs in Congo.

He is currently pushing some of his masterpieces through an exhibition at the Ama Atta Aidoo Center of the African University College of Communication in Accra. He currently has 8 masterpieces which he produced in a period of 3 months.

Kembo’s uses concepts that have depth and mostly depicts the cycle of life, freedom, harmony and the God element in all things.

“Born Artist” is a collection of metal bas-relief panels, is his first exhibition in Ghana.

Under-listed are titles of his artworks; Tombouctou, In My Mind, Determination, Breeder of all lives, King protector, The Omega, The Oracle and Coexistence.

Watch the 8 ‘Wonder’ Art masterpieces of KEMBO here.