Kembo produces amazing art masterpieces that have intriguing concepts that depict the cycle of life.

Below are his 8 masterpieces produced over a period of 3 months in 2018 – between June and August.

  1. KING PROTECTOR (161cm x 122cm)

This artwork is a three-piece sculptural masterpiece that depicts the family. It also expresses childbirth, freedom, individualism and a conscious sense of belonging. The first piece represents the father, second represents the birthing of a child(head and opening of a woman’s vagina) with the symbol of a bird(signifies flight of life) at the forehead of the child, the third piece represents the mother. There is a ring that runs through the three pieces, and that represents the disconnect between the life of a child or individual from their parents. The ring is only completed through all three pieces and that maintains the connection between the family.


2.  DETERMINATION (122cm x 1122m)

This is a masterpiece with a 3D effect of a war headband, that creates a window of reality that tells the life and story of the artist. The artwork has one eye and a brow under the hanging swoosh of the tied war head band. The eye has traces of tears that depicts the struggles and difficulties in life yet the war head band signifies the ‘determination’ to still keep striving on.

3. TOMBOUCTOU (244cm x 122cm)

This is the representation of a big market in west Africa in the 15th century. In the begining Tombouctou was a very big market where gold and many other elements were traded. It also represents the Power of African Markets. The artiste gives an opportunity to travel and discover the shadow of the Tombouctou market through the abstract image. One can discover several things within the art masterpiece.

4. IN MY MIND (240cm x 120cm)

This is an art masterpiece that depicts the thoughts patterns within the mind of the artiste. It gives a pictorial view of what the human mind looks like. you see strand-like elements forming layers into depth. The beauty of diversity and uniformity of purpose. The mind is hub of diversity of thoughts.

5. THE OMEGA (61cm x 122cm)

This masterpiece depicts the spirit of creation. Omega means beginning hence the bold image that is releasing various streams of creation from a core supreme being. This signifies the power of the creative force that brings all things into existence. It signifies the powerful source that creates the force of life.

6. THE ORACLE (61cm x 122cm)

This represents the prophecy spirit in the life of an individual. The artist tries to explain how the Oracle is not God but a medium that translates the already existing destiny of a person. It is a medium that can say what will happen in the next second or moment. This artwork has an embossed image of the face on a stage with 7 signs that signifies the word. Beneath the signs are flows or streams that represents the tears of joy or pain. The stage can be found on the sands of life which signifies all things discoverable in life. The duty of the oracle is to give messages that pertains to the future.

7. COEXISTENCE (142cm x 122cm)

It is a three panel masterpiece that represents the various social status of individuals. They represent the power, intelligence, abilities and all the unique attributes of individuals. It shows how powerful individuals do not fight for the positions of upcoming ones. People in different age groups with power do not fight younger one’s but rather become the bench of harmony that sets them in position. The belt of harmony that runs through the three panels are uniformed. However, the individual panels(positioned left and right) maintain different position from the central panel.

8. BREEDER OF ALL LIVES (240cm x 120cm)

It is referred to as ‘The Big Bang’ by physicists. The religiously inclined call it God. However, the artiste calls it the ‘Breeder of all lives’. It is the center of all things, all souls, all origins and all lives. It controls the rate of the heartbeat. The artwork depicts the flow of life from a core source(universe) to all things that are structured within life. The artwork proves the existence of a supreme force that controls everything.

This beautiful masterpieces ranges between US $1000 and $4000. Contact these numbers for purchase: (+233)551393888 / (+233)542025187

Written by: Listowell Acquaye