Ghanaian Reggae Musician and Radio Presenter, Blakk Rasta says Ghanaian music consumers are generally mediocre.

According to Blakk Rasta, the trending artistes do not have any respect for their sounds beyond Ghana.

“We love to consume mediocre product, inferior goods, we do not consider the sound.”

He questioned how many of the current crop of Ghanaian musicians are able to play on the international stage or even work to get quality music that can get them Grammy nominations.

“Alot of these artistes you consider as A-list artistes will not qualify for Z-list artistes in some other countries”

Further, he stressed that Ghanaian musicians love to produce inferior sounds that cannot compete on the international front.

However, he mentioned that he is not against musicians but the poor quality of songs they produce.

He was of the view that until Ghanaian musicians invest in their sounds to meet international standards, they will not be able to compete with their international counterparts.

He made reference to his ‘Kuchoko’ Music which is a blend of Reggae and traditional African sounds that is unique.