Some few weeks ago, news of women losing their old panties to thieves became topical in Nigeria.

The dire need for used panties by some alleged spiritualists have caused young individuals to break into homes to steal them for a fortune.

Most of these individuals caught in the act or immediately after an alarm stole the panties on dry lines and in wardrobes. Quite shocking!

Another twist to the issue is – if they failed to snatch your pantie from the dry line or wardrobe, they check your rubbish bin for used sanitary pads.

Information gathered from culprits arrested through a mob action proved they use these items(Panties or used Sanitary Pads) for rituals.

Most recently, a viral video I came across on social media had one man warning Ghanaians to be cautious of how they keep their panties and dispose used sanitary pads.

In the video, he revealed how some ladies were attacked by criminals in the night with cutlasses, forced to remove their panties and hand them over.

The same night attackers who normally robbed their victims’ phone or money, now order them to remove their panties and hand them over. Can you imagine how disturbing this would be?

These are the terrifying times we currently find ourselves in as a religiously inclined country. Youth from a sister country(Nigeria) are psychologically terrorizing their own colleagues, friends, sisters, countrymen and women because of evil people living among us.

In one of the viral videos on social media, an old-aged man alleged that these guys stealing ladies undies are here in Ghana because their strategies have been exposed in Nigeria.

This calls for a serious security concern and a counter measure that would protect the lives of citizens. The issue of Security is fast becoming an issue in this country. Citizens ought to be given an assurance that they are safe. They have to confidently believe and experience it.

Or this panties hunt stories could be another false alarm aimed at disturbing the peace of citizens? Well, time has a way of substantiating issues of such nature.

Security Concerns

In recent times, serious crime related incidents that threaten the peace and safety of citizens have been at the core of media discourse.

For instance, the violent killings of individuals serving in high offices of public institutions is a crime yet to be solved by the security agencies.

Most of these killings are quite puzzling to the extend that for a long while, the Police Service has not been able to de-mystify the crime.

Some of these individuals are members of parliament and politicians playing pivotal roles in partisan politics.

The shooting and killing of an investigate Journalist Ahmed Suale-Hussein who worked with Anas and the Tiger Eye PI team is another shocking incident that plunged the entire nation into fear and panic.

Quite recently, the issue of kidnapping of young girls and boys in their teens have also come to fore – the kidnapper who is currently in Police Custody has refused to talk. And the same law prohibits anyone from forcing him to do so.

A social media campaign #BringBackOurTaadiGirls was initiated to bring attention to the situation. Later, other issues of kidnapping were also recorded along border towns of the country. Are Ghanaians really safe ?

Some young ladies have announced on social media how they were robbed and nearly drugged by some unknown drivers of car renting service providers Uber and Taxify.

These ladies have detailed their ordeal in audio recordings and text which is already in circulation on social media.

Are we(citizens) to believe that the security apparatus is not up to the task or maybe lack the facilities that would help them sustain the peace and security of this country?

These incidents truly call for serious security concerns.

The Reality

Is it not quite interesting that in the last couple of years, some ladies were swapping their old panties for new ones in some churches?

As a Christian we believe that we serve a God of Miracles who have Authority over every living being and nothing is impossible for him to do.

Could God ask the spiritual leader of a church to distribute new panties to the congregation and take the old ones. What at all do I know?

Maybe, God truly directed those Pastors to take the old panties of members. Just maybe because I have no right to question the man of God. It is challenging God himself.

According to some of these pastors it is a move to make way for members to get marriage opportunities and be prosperous in life.

Today, the news is everywhere on social media and some West African countries that these old panties are the “new cool” for spiritualists.

Shockingly it is reported, they are more worthy than taking the life of the lady who owns it.


Take a journey down memory lane to check If you swapped your old pantie somewhere for a new one.

I guess deciding to find out why you were asked to bring it for a new one is a decision that remains in your power?

What it was used for is a very good start in investigating the issue?

Obviously, we are religious people who believe in spirituality and all that it entails.

However, issues that are spiritual or have sources and evidences in the spirit, do not stand a chance in the court of law. I hope you’re aware?

This means that one may not succeed in accusing anybody or an entity for doing anything to them in the spirit – because it would be impossible to give evidence to prove yourself in the court of law.

Dear reader, if you have therefore fallen a victim to this new wave of alleged hunt for ‘used panties’ by ritualists, then your best bet is prayer or a very powerful spiritual exercise that can save you.

A wind of evil is blowing and you have to be on guard to save a sister, relative or friend.

The times are more dangerous than we think. Brace up!

By: Listowell Acquaye
(A Journalist, Blogger and Musician with a passion for Activism)