Over the past few months, I have been following comments and posts on social media especially Facebook about MenzGold and it’s related issues.

I read some of these posts to pick wisdom from them and most of them too empty from people with smart phones and data, especially those who just fancy the likes button.

“Oh that’s what is trending so let me also post some” I call them chorus singers on social media. Well, it’s to be expected because news stories come and go for a reason and for a particular season.

Just like chewing gum after losing its sweetness, we discard all of these stories when they are used and abused.

So let’s continue to write about MenzGold and any other institution or individuals when they are in the news so we can do our objective analysis because it will interest one to know that many learn from these social media banter including me. ( I hope the preamble is enough to support what follows guys)

This common sense from the East, has been motivated by some individuals who I expect to know better not only because of their social standing, class, knowledge, exposure and any other thing that makes them who they are but because they have been friends and I still consider them as friends.

To make it easy for you to relate to this, please permit me to mention some few names I want to address and may be other like minded persons. (Fact: I don’t enjoy mentioning people on social media be it for the good or the bad reason so I limit all my posts on social media to what I do that I wish to share with my friends here. On several occasions, I feel even lazy to wish people on their birthdays)

Honestly, I typed the names but upon a second thought, let me ignore that for now because I know those who will read can make this a general knowledge in the near future.

These individuals will post everything about MenzGold and mention my name including some serious minds who are not working directly under MenzGold but are proud associates or better still proud affiliates of the company because we work with Zylofon Media.

They claim they have questions and I wonder how they want answers from people who don’t have answers to them. We are dealing with a very sensitive issue here with regards to MenzGold crisis and they think just calling people to come write on social media is the way to go? Really? I expect them to know better after all.

How i wish and pray that they can answer these questions for me anytime they add our names to their posts. Again, it’s not as if one is scared or shy to type but remember this goes beyond social media therefore you have no room for jokes. To add, it’s a very sensitive issue to deal with.

1. What do they want from us or you want me and them to be unemployed keke?
2. What do they want to achieve?
3. What is their motivation and who is behind them?
4. What is their agenda and the grand scheme?
5. Why are they jubilating because a company is in crisis?
6. Do they expect us to stop working to answer or respond to every post they do?
7. Don’t they have our contact numbers any more to talk to us about the things they mention us in or they are no more our friends?
8. Will they smile or talk to any of us should we meet away from Facebook?
9. Should we die because we are affiliated to a company in crisis?
10. Should we stop breathing because a company is in crisis?
11. Is it envy, hatred, jealousy or the three put together?
12. Do they want to ridicule us publicly and to what extent?
13. What will be added to their lives when they cause our disgrace or public ridicule?
14. Were we street beggars before MenzGold and Zylofon Media came into being so we will go back to the streets?
15. Are we gonna beg for food from their wives when all is said and done, just because they will do this to us so we don’t come to them again?
16. Have we not shared opportunities and platforms with these same people when we were?
17. What did we do wrong to them that they seem to want to pay us back?
18. Should we commit suicide to make them happy because a company is in crisis?
19. Will they ever stop writing about MenzGold with our names or they will do it till eternity?
20. If MenzGold and Zylofon Media “collapse” self, then weytin self dem gain?

Oh wow!!! I just checked the time and it’s 1:52 AM from Abetifi feeling very cold. I wish them well in their endeavors.

I only want them to know that, I might not have the time to be replying to their continuous posts and tags.

Again, MenzGold has offices and managers who are still at post, they can always walk in or if they really see us as friends, we can help them with some few contacts for them to be having wise conversations with them.

Until then, I am about to sleep. I pray that this post goes a long way to prick the conscience of any other person who will find this worth reading to think twice about our actions and our interests whether we are at the receiving end or we are the “givers”.

This i do in the stead of other people who are also ignoring your tags and unnecessary post because they are using their time profitably and minding their business since that is what pays them.

I just heard the alarm of my car, please permit me to end it here to go check if everything is okay and God willing, we will continue if they also find it prudent to answer the harmless questions above made necessary because of their …………… Peace ✌️!!! (Any ways, it happens that Sammy Flex writes some of these things but once)

In God we trust. ( Feel free to add your views, share or ignore)

NB: I came to see Bliss on the Hills at Kwahu Abetifi

By: Samuel Atuobi Baah(a.k.a Sammy Flex), Presenter at Zylofon Fm